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The small principality of Luxembourg was next and the first stop was Echernach to replenish the food supplies. We then headed to Berdorf and the sandstone crags near there. We arrived late afternoon and armed with the guide book, went for a walk around the forest. The area was beautiful, the forests were almost silent except for the gentle rustle of tree tops moving in the breeze and there were 30m high hard sandstone cliffs nestling within. There were lots of paths down and around the cliffs, some cliffs you could walk around completely. All were well signed with where you were and were not allowed to climb and fitted with shiny new bolts and lower offs. There were a few groups around climbing and we left them to it whilst we went and located a camping spot as the temperature dropped. We found a spot away from the roads near a radio mast and were left in peace by the workers that arrived in the morning.
We returned to the crag and braved the cold of the morning, at lunch time we headed up to the top to warm in the sunshine. The crag was definitely busier in the afternoon when the sun moved round and the temperature rose. The climbing was great and there were some superb routes through roofs and up honeycombed rock. Some of them even included the traditional rounded sandstone finish.
We decided to splash out on a campsite that evening and enjoyed long hot showers before dinner, unfortunately, the hair dryers weren’t working though, never mind.
Friday and Germany was calling us.

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