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We would like to thank in order of appearance:

Helen’s Dad for deciding that the family needed a website and providing these pages, blessing or curse you decide, And help with the Carnet. ( Ed note: It is a pleasure. )


Darren Parsons for help with spare parts at short notice, international phone calls to diagnose problems and general services to keeping a 101 in motion. Couldn’t be doing this without you.

Pim and Thandie for their special pie, beer and wing mirror searching.

Andreas, Gisela and Baloo for not turning away strangers at their door, taking them out to dinner instead and giving them two tyres. Also Matteas & his friend for construction of our towel rails.

Tom for being delighted to see us, the guided tours of Bavaria and accompanying us to Munich. Also thanks to his landlords for not turfing us out.

Campsite in Romania for opening up for us in our hour of need.

Man in Aqaba, sorry we don’t know your name (he spoke very little english) for going so far out of his way to help.

Chris’s Parents for the delivery of an early Christmas in Jordan, sourcing spares and general support.

Dave and Ivana for navigating us through Cairo to the campsite in Giza after we gave them the GPS waypoint for it (they had the map) and Heinz for finally leading us to it.

Oliver and Sandra for chauffeuring us around Aswan to get the accelerator cable fixed and providing us with a shower.

Nigel and Simon for good travelling companionship and mutual support through The Sudan and Ethiopia and for the roadkill chicken dinner in Khartoum.

Helen’s parents for bringing us spares, fruseli bars and Cadbury’s cream eggs.

Glenn Mathews for putting up with our constant turning up unannounced, the V8 tappit and not getting a cent out of us. Also for putting us onto other 101’s in the area including Nic Wood, see below.

Nic Wood for great hospitality, use of his workshop, stunning accommodation in the Mara and introducing us to a pre production demonstrator 101.

Mike and Marie-Louise at Whistling Thorns outside Nairobi for knowing what a forward control landrover is and for putting us onto John Beasley and High Ratio.

Rangie, Annamik, Trish, Martin and Caroline at Rangie’s Site in Nairobi for always being welcoming, making a new handle for the side locker and giving us tips on where to go.

The Young clan for beer, food, moral support, practical assistance and gear box parts.

The many other cast members who made the expedition such a success.  
If you want more details on any of these places then email us. If you know of places we could visit next time then drop us a line about them.