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Friday afternoon we arrived in Zaberfeld and at Andreas Pfau’s house with his 101, The Animal, parked outside. We joined him on a walk with his dog around his local vineyard and ate a few of the grapes that had been left behind by the pickers.
The next morning we went to look at some spare tyres that Andreas had stacked up in a warehouse and sure enough they were in a better condition than one that we were using. Andreas had bought new tyres as he decided that these ones wore out too fast and in Germany you have to pay to dispose of tyres. The only problem was how to transport them. Andreas and his friend Matheus had a plan and we drove off to where Matheus works, a mechanical school, where they fitted rails along the side of Nelly to allow us to carry the wheels on the roof in front of the elevating roof section. They stick out a bit at the front but give her that prepared for anything look now.
We left Hellbronn with our new roof rack and drove east past Ulm, Augsberg and Munich to Siegsdorf and Tom’s flat. Sunday was bright and sunny again and Tom took us on a sight seeing tour of the area, up into the mountains and we finished with a bite to eat and a wander along the shores of Chiemsee watching the model motor boats whizzing up and down.
The first repairs of the trip having been done, we returned to find a small brake fluid puddle under the wheel closest to the driver. We used the nearby supermarket car park to investigate and replaced the seals on the top brake cylinder.
Monday, we visited Traumstein and purchased some brake cleaner, hopefully this will help the brakes work again. Tuesday we went to Munich on the train from Siegsdorf with Tom. We walked up through the rain to the central square Marionplatz just before 12 noon, right on time to hear the glockenspiel clock with its merry-go-round men, women and horses. There were loads of other tourists there looking at it, I wouldn’t really recommend basing a whole trip around it. I would go to the Deutsches Museum, completely misnamed, should be the science and technology museum. They have everything there cars, planes, pianos, engines, bridges, tunnels, trains, space landing pods, mirrors, lasers and meccano models. Most of the labels are in german and English so it even all makes sense.
Then it was time for us to leave and head on east to Austria.

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