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We arrived at the Hook of Holland on Sunday 12th October 2003 on the Ferry from Harwich. The journey was 3½ hours long and the ferry travelled at about 75km/h. There was only one small area to stand outside and that was at the back but enough to let the GPS see the sky and work out the speed. There was no sign of customs control so we were set loose on the Dutch roads. First stop was up north, The Hague, to deliver paintings to my aunt Jean.

We then turned south and headed towards the inland seas with their dams and lock gates. The wind was blowing across the land and wobbling Nelly around, yes, The Netherlands were as flat as expected. There were lots of fields of Brussel sprouts around us, ready for Christmas, which was unexpected.
After a brief stop to change drivers, we turned inland towards Breda, Pim and Thandie. The directions were great and we found it no problem. A very warm welcome awaited us and some very tasty pie for dinner.
Late into the night we were talking about 101ís and travelling around Africa. Pim and Thandie are shipping their 101 to Durban in May and having an extended holiday next summer so, we may meet up again at the end of our trip.

Monday morning we looked around Breda for a new wing mirror and found one but it was too expensive, so we changed the broken mirror to the driverís side instead and maybe later will find a new one. Lunch time saw us saying good-bye and driving off south to Belgium.

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