This is a list of the things that we think we will take with us mostly based on what other people have taken and we wait to see how we will pack it all up. This list may not bare much resemblance to what we actually take but its a start.

Climbing Equipment

three 50m 9mm ropes   two 60m 12mm rope   3 harnesses numerous rock shoes
bouldering mat 2 long slings 20 extenders friends
three sets of nuts 2 sets of hexes 10 screw gate crabs   5 medium slings
4 short slings 2 helmets 2 chalk bags spare chalk

Vehicle Spares

rear spring front spring 2 air filters 3 fuel filters 3 in line fuel filters 2 oil filters
4 windscreen wiper blades 2 spare wiper  arms (left and right)   2 sets of points 1 set spark plugs accelerator cable
engine oil (30l) EP90 2 bulb sets fuses water pipe jubilee clips
8 brake shoes brake fluid brake master cylinder repair kit brake cylinder repair kit (2 front, 2 back) clutch master cylinder repair kit clutch slave cylinder repair kit
hub oil seal (1 front, 1 rear) bearing spacer (1 front, 1 rear) fan belt inner and outer wheel bearings? Flange gaskets? Diff oil seal?
2 inner tubes 2 spare wheels Exhaust repair kit   starter motor brushes?   selection of nuts, bolts and screws Hi Lift repair kit
various electrical connectors


socket set axle stands   high lift jack screwdrivers   torque wrench
tirfor with wire cable   tree strop choker chain   hack saw + blades axe/hammer 
spanners pliers molegrips wire brush cold chisels
hammer tyre levers puncture repair kit hand drill electrical crimper and wire cutter
circlip pliers glue insulation tape sand paper wheel nut socket and handle
spade pick axe gaffer tape stanley knife + blades sand ladders

Cooking Stuff

2 ring Colman petrol stove   small saucepan with lid pressure cooker frying pan 
medium saucepan with lid 5 stacking bowls with lids 2 1litre water bottles oven gloves
4 plates 4 plastic beakers (2 with lids)   2 mugs 2 thermal mugs with lids
4 spoons 4 forks 4 knives 2 sharp knives
wooden spoon metal spatula chopping board tin opener
cork screw mixing bowl 5 bowls with plastic lids   teaspoons
assorted spices oxo cubes flour tea towels
washing up bowl J cloths small camping stove flask

Personal Stuff

2 sleeping bags   Tent 2 sleeping mats   pillows duvet
sheets underwear trousers skirts glasses
sunglasses warm jumpers head scarves sun hats sandals
trainers T shirts (some long sleeved)   smartish shirts mosquito hats sarong
pyjamas shorts 2 boiler suits sleeping mosquito net   toothbrushes and toothpaste
sponge bags towels

Medical Kit

Main Vehicle based First Aid Kit - in box

1 crepe bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m with pin 6 melanolin dressings antiseptic wipes tape
assorted plasters and fabric strip steristrips sanitary towels saline solution capsules tissues
gloves elbow support pencil and card   tubigrip (ankle) penknife
Karvol capsules (colds) paracetamol tablets  Ibuprofen tablets anti-diarrhoea tablets  (Imodium) re-hydration sachets
antibiotic cream co-codemal (severe pain relief) dequadins (throats) Amoxycillan (general  use antibiotics)   Metronizadole / Tinidazole tablets(antibiotics for giardia and dysentry)
Constipation tablets (senakot) Emergency anti malaria (Fansidar and quinine sulphate) Aspirin tablets Indigestion tablets (Rennies) anti-fungal powder (Athletes Foot powder)
Sterile needle kit Tweezers Thermometer Lip Salve After sun cream
Sun cream Insect Repellant Deep heat spray Burn gel Antisan - antihistamine cream
Larium malaria tables   contraceptive pills (Brevinor) Tampons

Climbing First Aid Kit - in small waterproof bag

assorted plasters   tape 1 crepe bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m with pin   triangular bandage   pencil and card
sun cream whistle   saline solution capsules gloves space blanket

Official Stuff

Passports Vehicle Carnet
International Driving licenses UK driving licenses
Yellow Fever Vaccination certificates   Vehicle Registration Document
European vehicle insurance E111 Forms
Travel Insurance documents


kites hammock laptop camera   short wave radio  
scrabble dictionary box of travel games  books maps
calculator diary calendar string pegs
sewing kit colouring pencils  pens scissors  chalk
ruler compass portable light torches batteries
sketch book  alarm clock